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London Real Review
3.9 rate

London Real And How It Can Earn You Your First Million Dollars

London Real is a bot that can make you a lot of money with crypto trading. The app provides users with lots of perks like reliable trading signals, many payment methods, and even no fees on trading sessions. Also, the platform uses SSL to protect your data from malicious third parties and frauds. Stay tuned to find out even more in this London Real review.

This crypto trading platform is trading Bitcoin instead of you. You can then keep the earned profits all to yourself since the app doesn’t even take fees on trading sessions. If you’re hooked on now, keep reading the trading platform review to find out about even better things that the app has to offer.

London Real app hits and misses


  • Great crypto signals
  • 24/7 responsive support
  • Variety of banking options
  • No fees on trading


  • Mobile app unavailable
  • Money loss possibility

How does London Real work?

Is London Real legit? Choosing between scam or legit, the shortest answer is that it’s legit. The app just works on an algorithmic crypto trading system. It means that the platform trades instead of a real human trader.

The crypto trading algorithm uses special signals which it receives from a broker. It uses the signals for the best possible trades. The program also analyses the market on its own using its computer powers to do it faster than any human.

London Real protection systems and how they work

Is online trading safe? While no one can be sure about the whole industry, trading with London Real is fully secure. This app for trading crypto implements the SSL technology which encrypts user data to keep it on a safe server.

If you’re unsure even after that, look at crypto trading platform reviews and other famous exchanges that use the same protection methods. After that, you’re sure to be confident in the security of this trading platform.

Unique functionality which makes London Real stand out

London Real is one of many crypto trading systems, but it doesn’t stop it from being better than most of them. Find out why by reading about its functionality in this article.

Demo account

A great way how to start bitcoin trading is to open a demo account. Thankfully, London Real provides that opportunity. This account can give you fake money that you can use to try out real trading.

This risk-free experience opportunity is amazing. You get a free understanding of what is crypto trading, the names, and usage of different indicators, and you learn chart patterns, as well as price action.

Mobile app

The automated crypto trading site doesn’t have its mobile application. Nevertheless, you can open London Real in the browser on any phone from any place. You just need a stable internet connection.

Quick registration

Best bitcoin trading is when you can get fast access to everything. London Real gives this chance by having one of the quickest possible registrations. You just enter your name and surname, phone number, and email. Then, you verify the email and finish the procedure.

Fees and charges

Trading bitcoin for profit is the goal of every trader. However, many websites don’t give that opportunity by setting high charges. This isn’t the case with London Real, since this app doesn’t have any fees on trading sessions.

Support team

Bitcoin trading can’t be done without additional help, especially when it comes to beginners. That’s why London Real has 24/7 and responsive support. You can get in touch with it using a mobile phone number, or email.

Deposit and withdrawal

Crypto currency trading requires many payment options and London Real provides exactly that. The site has Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and Bank Wire as methods of withdrawal and deposit.

Available cryptocurrencies

The trading website offers such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano. However, the list doesn’t end there, since the platform also has tons of altcoins possible to trade.

Things to do for better trading results

Knowing the functionality of the site that you’re going to be using is part of being successful, but isn’t the complete path. Take a look at these crypto trading tips to get your trading to a brand new and effective level.

Make sure that your trades are made reasonably

When trading cryptocurrency, or any other asset, most people make unreasonable decisions due to their emotions. Don’t let this stand in your way of becoming a professional trader. Check if you’re making a trade based on analysis, or your FOMO and instincts.

Don’t risk too much in a single trade

Crypto automated trading is great in most aspects, but not risk management. This part needs to be manually maintained by you and it isn’t that hard. You just have to set up stop-losses. These functions will lower your chances of losing cash and close trades with fewer losses.

Bottom line

London Real is a platform worth using for both newcomers and full-time crypto traders. The app offers a big choice of cryptocurrencies for trading, has 24/7 support, and many payment options. Take a look at this site and earn your first million within the next month!

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