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BTC Billionaire Review
4.7 rate

BTC Billionaire Review: Crypto Trading Has Never Been So Easy & Safe

Why should BTC Billionaire be your first consideration? It’s a safe platform that has everything to start trading hassle-free. The process of becoming a trader online is straight and simple. Besides, you don’t have to be an expert in crypto trading to have impressive profits every day. Follow this BTC Billionaire review and find out the top reasons why this crypto bot is your best option for making easy money.

That’s the job of a crypto trading bot like BTC Billionaire. According to their website, this bot is so good at its job. And they’ve gotten so many users to not only try it out but also leave tons of positive reviews, making sure people don’t have to ask ‘Is BTC Billionaire a legit trading bot?’. For more on how to possibly make yourself your billions trading, check out this trading platform review, scam or legit.

Pros & cons


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Reliable customer service
  • High accuracy rating
  • Safe and secure website
  • Demo trading
  • No charges


  • No mobile app
  • Nothing is known about the developers

About BTC Billionaire

There’s only a handful of information about BTC Billionaire as far as details like the year of creation and its developers are concerned. However, the website does provide lots of details regarding how it trades cryptocurrency so easily and so profitably. It’s so effective, in fact, that they invite those with absolutely no idea how to start trading Bitcoin. Absolute newbies like those who would ask ‘what is crypto trading?’ are welcome to use BTC Billionaire in the hopes of making a fortune.

BTC Billionaire uses 6 crypto signals which is how it gets its information on the nature of the crypto market at any point. The signals are also the reason it knows the best way to react to said nature of the market. The appropriate reaction could be anything from buying immediately or later, selling immediately or later. Or even fully waiting for a change in the market’s nature. With the crypto market available all day, every day, these reactions can be carried out anytime. And automated crypto trading ensures you don’t have to stick around the bot during odd hours because it'd take care of mostly everything.

Accepted currencies

The best crypto trading platform is one that gives you all the opportunities crypto has to offer. Many people are aware of bitcoin trading, but there are lots of other altcoins with incredible potential as well. BTC Billionaire offers a good number of such altcoins, and they include:

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Ripple

Fiat currencies come in handy now and then in the whole process of cryptocurrency trading. So, their availability on a good crypto bot is important. The major fiat currency used in BTC Billionaire transactions is the USD, but others are available. They include:

  • Euro
  • Pounds
    • If the main currency of the country you’re in isn’t available, you can always convert easily with the right payment method.

      Mobile version

      The BTC Billionaire website can be opened on about any browser on any device. This makes up for the absence of mobile versions of the crypto trading bot for any operating system. The website is also very safe to use as it is SSL Encrypted. It also has extra security from its legitimate brokers who’re certified professional bodies that oversee transactions in the crypto market.

      How to join

      A few minutes is all you’ll need to begin the process of getting an account. You might, however, spend a little more time to completely set things up and start trading. Here are the different segments involved in becoming a BTC Billionaire trader:

      Sign up

      Once you visit the BTC Billionaire website, one of the first things you’d see is the form to fill to get your account. The form will require the following information:

      • First name
      • Last name
      • Phone number
      • Email address

      After providing this info, click on the big button that says ‘register’, and that’s it. Your account has begun processing.


      This is the next stop on the bus to getting your BTC Billionaire account. Some other sites skip this, but being such a secure site, this part is necessary for both the software and its brokers. It involves them reaching out to you either via email or phone number or maybe even both. It not only checks that you've provided correct information but also checks that it's you and you’re really interested in becoming a trader.

      Once the contact information is verified, you can now have the login credentials.

      Initial deposit

      Now that you’ve logged in, you can view the details of your account, including your balance. Right now, your balance should be 0 USD and the bot can’t begin trading with no balance. So, top up that balance. The minimum deposit is $250 USD, and you can put in a little bit more if you're feeling lucky.

      Demo trading

      You could actually try this out before you make your first deposit, but it doesn't matter which one comes first. Demo trading won’t make use of your balance because everything there is simply re-enactments and not the real thing. It’s how they show you the crypto trading algorithm at work.

      Live trading

      Once you think you’ve gotten the hang of things, whether it's because you tried out demo trading or already knew most of it before, you can start trading. BTC Billionaire performs crypto automatic trading, so you could be making profits even when you're not completely paying attention. All you have to do is login and start trading automatically.


      Provided you’ve made some profits, with the algorithmic crypto trading bot, you can request to withdraw your earnings. Simply submit the request where you provide the amount you wish to withdraw. It should be processed in 24 hours at most, provided there are no problems.

      The payment methods are:

      • Credit/debit cards
      • Online payment platforms
      • Bank transfers


      If you're the kind of person who needs total knowledge of a brand before patronizing, BTC Billionaire might not be the best Bitcoin trading option for you. But, if you're willing to overlook that and you're certain your browser never fails you, you should try out BTC Billionaire. With so many perks, little flaws, great profits, BTC Billionaire is your go-to app!

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