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Bitcoin-Compass Review
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Bitcoin Compass Review: A Detailed Look At The Best Trading Bot

If you need a reliable guide that will enlighten your way towards making money online, Bitcoin Compass should be your first choice. The best thing about this platform is that you can start trading even if you’re not experienced at all. Register, make your deposit and set trading rules, and the rest will be done on your behalf without a need for your active involvement in the process. Learn about other extra perks of using this bot with this Bitcoin Compass review.

While the task seems simple enough, not every crypto trading platform can be trusted with your initial investment. It's time to discover whether a scam or legit category Bitcoin Compass service belongs to.

Overview of Bitcoin Compass trading approach

Is online trading safe? It's certainly not due to the market volatility involved. However, the best crypto trading platform would be the one that can offer more than most. Bitcoin Compass is a trading system that provides users a chance to generate profits without getting deep into crypto market analysis.

Crypto trading algorithm that the system features is designed to research the market on its own. Due to the increase in speed, the algorithm picks up the best offers faster than others. It takes as much as 20 minutes daily to launch the software, and it'll do the rest.

Trading crypto is a risky business since the market tends to change trends rapidly. The Bitcoin Compass developers monitor the shifts to come up with a timely update to bring the software as close to perfection as possible. So far, the algorithm is claimed to bring in as much as 99,9% success to the investors. At the same time, the vendor states it plainly that the chance of loss is higher than 50%.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Compass app


  • Decreased risk of loss
  • Plethora of payment options
  • Increased user data security


  • No mobile app available

Bitcoin Compass registration process review

How to start trading bitcoin? The simplest route to take is to register with a reliable platform.


While Bitcoin trading is a complicated industry, creating an account with Bitcoin Compass will take you a couple of minutes. The simplified registration is aimed at improved user convenience. Once you venture to the official site of the cryptocurrency trading platform, you'll spot the form to fill out on the right of the screen. After providing such basic user info as your name, phone number, and email, you need to click the "Open Your Account" button. For a swift moment, the system will check the data you enter, and if it's correct, the confirmation link will be sent to your email. Upon following it, you'll end up in your Bitcoin Compass crypto trading account.


The next logical thing to do with any automated bitcoin trading service would be to issue your primary deposit since you can't participate in trades without active funds in the account. The starting point that the vendor offers is much lower than most, and it takes as much as $250 to start trading Bitcoin for profit. There are different payment options to use to deposit means to the account. You can pick from the following:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard, among others

Demo mode

Algorithmic crypto trading is known for its straightforwardness, but learning the basics for free is a benefit not to be treated lightly. Bitcoin Compass is one of the few services offering a demo test for both beginners and seasoned traders. The mode is designed to replicate the live trading process as closely as it can get. Launching the demo mode will show you precisely what is crypto trading and how to deal with it to generate income.

Live trade

After memorizing the crypto trading tips of the demo mode, you can proceed to the live trade. Usually, it takes as much as to click the "Auto Trade" to begin the process. However, more experienced traders advise it to do some setting customization prior to the action. The main idea behind trading bitcoin is to earn more than you invest or at least save the investment. So, setting up a Stop-loss limit is the first thing to do. After that, you can add the daily trade amount along with the number of daily trades the crypto trading bot should initiate.

Defining features of Bitcoin Compass app

No trading platform review would be complete without the main features the reviewed vendor is defined by.

Enhanced security

Worry if Bitcoin Compass is secure? The service proves to be legitimate in most aspects. It's licensed and certified. Aside from that, SSL encryption, along with other security enhancements, ensure user data safety. Besides, countless traders' feedback states that the success rate and the platform's profitability prove to be true to life.

Fee system

Crypto online trading is profitable as long as the service you use doesn't claim the most profit. Bitcoin Compass features no fees upon deposit, service, and withdrawals, which means that all the earned money is yours. However, you must realize that the banking operator you use for funds withdrawal may not be that generous, and some fees would be deducted in the process. It's advised to discuss the conditions with the representative beforehand.

Unique trading approach

Trading cryptocurrency shouldn't be a burden, and Bitcoin Compass developers seem to realize that. The algorithm is designed so that it does almost all on your behalf with the best of interests in mind.

Final words

Bitcoin Compass may not be the best Bitcoin trading platform on the market, but it's definitely user-oriented and reliable. The ease of use, along with the success rate on offer, can make you rich within short notice. All it takes is the minimum starting investment – the unique trading signals and software can do the rest!

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