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Cryptocurrency In Spain: Everything A Trader Needs To Know

The advantages are that the government doesn’t regulate the crypto field apart from a few policies here and there. This means that you, as a trader, or an investor, can make a living with crypto in Spain without worrying about it being illegal.

The misses are also present and lay in the fact that once you have your crypto possibly stolen by a hacker, or you get into a conflict with a broker, no one is there to help you. The government can’t give you any guarantee of help, since it’s a matter concerning virtual goods.

The main regulations and the best exchange to use for trading in Spain

The government doesn’t consider Bitcoin nor other virtual assets like it as financial currencies. However, it’s another thing about blockchain technology. It can prove to be of good use for Spain in their protection systems in the country.

A great exchange which you can try out in Spain is Coinbase. It’s a broker that works everywhere around the world and provides people with an opportunity to invest in crypto with no complicated requirements. Its only major downside is bigger commissions than on most exchanges.

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