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Cryptocurrency In Slovenia: The Regulations, Exchanges, And Perks

Slovenia is a great place for cryptocurrency trading since it’s fully legal in the country. Moreover, exchanging crypto for other assets is also possible and recognized by the government. The country has big ambitions and crypto is included as well.

The biggest con is that if you get into a dispute with an exchange or another website where your crypto assets are, the government of Slovenia won’t be able to provide you with any help. That’s why you should be wary and find great exchanges. Keep reading to learn about the most famous one in Slovenia.

Best exchange to use for crypto in Slovenia

An amazing website for buying, selling, or storing crypto for citizens of Slovenia is SpectroCoin. The platform provides many banking options that are suitable for the people living in the country.

Furthermore, it offers the most famous crypto tokens, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more. It also has a mobile app, so you can check your investments at any time from any place, not only in Slovenia.

Crypto taxation in Slovenia

The exact taxes on crypto in Slovenia aren’t known, since the government is yet to decide on them. Currently, you have to abide by those fees which the exchange you’re using charges you. Those can differ from one platform to another.

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