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Trading Bitcoin In Romania, Best Exchanges, And How To Find A Good One

Romania only allows crypto exchanges and wallets to exist if they register with the government. What it means is if an exchange registers with the government, the crypto transactions which are famous for their transparency, will be fully visible.

That’s due to Romania believing this transparency has caused many devious actions, like money laundering. Moreover, Romania has the GEO, or Emergency Ordinance which puts even more control over the crypto sector.

Best exchange to use when trading Bitcoin in Romania

One of the most secure brokerages to use is Bitcoin Romania. Using the platform, you can buy crypto using debit, or credit cards, as well as bank transfer. Also, you can deposit using ZebraPay terminals all across Romania.

Also, the company has a Bitcoin ATM in Bucharest and if you use this method, no verification is required. However, if you’re to make a transaction using an online method, you have to provide a document for proof of identity.

Taxation of crypto in Romania

The situation about taxes for crypto still isn’t clear, since there aren’t any strict rules regarding it and everyone offers their ideas. Some want the tax to be on income from crypto, others wish the tax to be on profits from digital currencies.

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