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Secure And Reputable Crypto Trading In Netherlands

There’s barely a person who hasn’t heard about the almighty Bitcoin conquering the modern world. Let along, the numbers of those getting more prosperous due to the rise of crypto grow by the day. However, when you think about the places where the crypto is adopted, advertised, and precisely monitored, the USA, France, and Germany may come to mind. At the same time, it’s hard to believe that the Netherlands keeps up with those global giants, and crypto trading is about to reach another level in the country.

Crypto trading vendors in the Netherlands

For the longest while, Netherlands didn’t pay much attention to Bitcoin mining along with crypto selling and buying in general. However, with January 2020, things changed dramatically since the Dutch Central Bank promised to regulate those transactions to ensure people’s safety and rule out potential fraud. All the exchanges willing to operate on the Netherlands’ market are to be legally registered, to put it simply. The same goes for trading vendors and crypto-wallets.

Such an alteration of crypto policy within the country has forced a popular exchange eToro to leave the Netherlands’ market. However, local exchanges such as are only gaining their strength. Besides, Coinbase doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Where do you buy crypto in the Netherlands?

Purchasing crypto from a licensed and reliable exchange is among a few potential ways of acquiring crypto in the Netherlands. The range of different platforms allows users to come up with the best exchange rate, lowest fees, and highest limits. At the same time, if you want to get some crypto with the least attention drawn to your personality, countless crypto ATMs are at your service. There are about 40 ATMs in the Netherlands, which enable citizens to buy and sell crypto with and for cash.

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