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Growing Interest Of Younger Generation Towards Crypto Trading In Korea

The crypto trading market is at its highest throughout the world, but some countries show more interest in the industry than others. When trying to describe crypto trading in Korea, it's safe to say that it's an opportunity for the younger generation. Due to increased youth unemployment and enhanced desire to prosper without much effort spiked such an interest in cryptocurrency trading. 2020 was definitely the best year for the investment and the upcoming years aren't any less promising.

Crypto trading platforms in Korea

Due to such interest in the industry, various trading platforms are on the rise in Korea. Aside from the global exchanges such as Coinbase, there's a great variety of local vendors offering the service. Bithumb is one of the largest competitors in the Korean market since it covers as much as 33% of it. The largest trading service in Korea would be Upbit, with as much as 53% of the crypto market under it.

Where do you buy crypto in Korea?

The simplest way to acquire crypto in Korea would be through available exchanges. They're numerous, so it takes time to decide on which platform offers the best terms. Points such as withdrawal fees and limits are to be considered before starting the cooperation.

At the same time, Korean Bitcoin ATMs offer the opportunity to invest in crypto with as little personal information revealed as possible. With as much as a phone number, you can use the ATM to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

The future of crypto trading in Korea is more than promising due to Koreans' spiked interest in it. Despite the ICOs being banned by the authorities and regulated crypto exchanges, more and more Koreans invest in crypto. They believe it to pay off in the future to ensure their retirement and not only.

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