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Trading Bitcoin In Italy: Policies And Available Exchanges

A great thing about Italy is that it regulates crypto making it safe for traders, but also doesn’t go too far as banning the digital currency as other countries do. This way, you receive a chance to safely invest in crypto and have full privilege with it.

The con is that there aren’t many exchanges that people can use because of tight protection methods. Italy wants to make sure the citizens are secure when investing, but it also makes it very hard for the companies to receive access to be working in Italy.

Regulation of crypto and usable exchanges in Italy

The Italian Government considers crypto as a weapon of many possible terrorist attacks and tells exchanges to make the chances of such an attack taking place go to the minimum. They have many requirements that an exchange must meet to be operating on the territories of Italy.

One of the best exchanges that you can use in Italy is eToro. It’s one of the international brokers which offers plenty of opportunities about trading crypto and also a unique option of copying someone else’s portfolio and investing in the same things.

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