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What To Know About Trading Virtual Currency In France

The main advantage is that France accepts crypto and it’s legal to make transactions with it in the country. It’s even possible to buy real products with crypto, not just virtual assets. That means you can easily register on exchanges and invest in cryptocurrency.

The downside is that France has high requirements for exchanges that can operate on its territories. That’s due to terrorist attacks happening in France. The government has decided to tighten the KYC security policy and demand more from exchanges.

Policies and the best exchange to use for crypto in France

Overall, cryptocurrency isn’t very regulated in France, but the government studies the topic and plans on making changes in the future. The nonexistence of major regulations means that you can easily buy and sell crypto in France.

As for exchanges, you can use even the most popular ones. There aren’t many trusted local brokers, so you should stick with major ones, like eToro, Bitfinex, or Kraken. They’re proven by years of existence and real people working on them.

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