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The Innovative And Legal Power Of Crypto Trading In Finland

When you think about Finland, Santa Clause's land, and the famous Aurora Borealis, that comes to mind. However, not everyone knows that Finland is all about modern innovations, cryptocurrency included. Not only is Bitcoin widely popular in the country, but it's also legal. The approach to crypto trading in Finland is different when compared to other countries. For instance, while trading with Bitcoin, a citizen is supposed to pay a specific tax since it’s considered a capital gain. On the other hand, when purchasing goods or paying for services with Bitcoin or Ethereum, the asset is viewed as trade with no taxes upon it.

Crypto trading platforms in Finland

Since Finland is one of the most Bitcoin-friendly Nordic countries, the number of trading vendors on the market is impressive. Various platforms offer related services but with different fees and limits applied. You can find such popular trading vendors as eToro, Kraken, and Binance presented on the country's market. However, there are no local platforms to trade with yet.

Where do you buy crypto in Finland?

There are 3 main ways of acquiring crypto in Finland. They’re the following:

  • P2P exchanges
  • Centralized exchanges
  • Crypto ATMs

Peer-to-Peer exchanges would interest those centered around using the crypto for its primary purpose: trade for other goods and services instead of trading crypto for crypto.

Centralized exchanges allow users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets according to their preferences. However, there are usually some fees to watch out for.

Finland is the homeland of the first Bitcoin ATM. So, if you’re looking for more private ways to buy or sell crypto, the teller machines are the perfect option to consider. Luckily there are as many as 11 of those scattered around this small but beautiful country.

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