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Denmark Is Looking For A Better Legal Status For Crypto Trading

While some countries outlaw cryptocurrencies, others, like Denmark, are changing laws and taxing systems, as well as working to attract more crypto businesses. The first step is done: Denmark has already recognized cryptocurrencies at the state level and legalized mining.

Virtual currency isn’t covered by existing regulations. Thus, cryptocurrency can’t be subject to the country's standard financial country's financial regulations. Doing business with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies doesn’t qualify as issuing electronic money, currency exchanges, brokerage, or depository services. As a result, Bitcoin entrepreneurs who want to build a business and establish contacts in the country won't need permission from the government.

Crypto security

In Denmark, trading with Bitcoin or other digital currencies will be subject to close scrutiny in the future. Denmark's tax authority, SKAT, has now received permission from the country's Supreme Fiscal Court to collect information on all trading activity in Bitcoin or other cryptos. Data such as name, address, and tax identification number must also be released in the process. Information on users outside Denmark is to be reported to the tax authority of the respective country.

High security measurements give the government opportunities to control this area. This information will ensure that citizens who have traded cryptocurrencies have paid the correct tax. In addition, this will be used to gather suggestions on how to adjust crypto tax laws.

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