Community Driven
Asset Exchange and Investment Fund

Innovative Asset Exchange for an Autonomous Community


  • Not your typical company. CGC is an open and transparent token based organization. The CGC token represents the overall ownership of the CGC organization. CGC will distribute 90% of its profit back to CGC token holders and 10% for company operations. 

About Us

  • The CGC team has over 75 years combined experience in investment banking, trading and technology. Currently, the team has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for the past 4.5 years as investors and traders. The team also serves as Advisors to over 20 active and promising blockchain companies. 

Platform Highlights

Open and Transparent

First of its kind open and transparent digital trading community. CGC is bringing a whole new level of transparency to the crypto exchange industry. CGC will disclose revenue numbers and disbursement numbers on a daily basis. The exchange will be audited by a top 4 accounting firm and the report we be made available on our website. 


Top priority for CGC is to have a secure environment for our community.  CGC stores 95% of the digital assets in cold wallets. All sensitive information is encrypted in real time, both in transit and at rest. We run our software across multiple data centers on wholly-owned hardware stored with biometric access control. Trading interface supports two factor authentication (2FA) backed by Google. 

Autonomous Organization

CGC is not a traditional centralized company. We do not have a CEO or President. The CGC token holders will have the opportunity to vote on important decisions regarding the direction of the organization, including, ICO companies that are listed on the exchange and investments that are made in Pre ICO companies.  


The organization will be comprised of the community members. CM's can earn CGC tokens by contract mining, referring other members and referring ICO companies for listing on the exchange. By holding the CGC token the member will participate in the disbursement of 90% of the profit, which will be calculated and made available on a daily basis, on our website. Members that become very active in the CGC ecosystem will have the opportunity to become a partner. 


CGC will invest its portion of the platforms distribution into ICO companies listed on the exchange. We feel its very important to support the blockchain community. The Investment committee (comprised of community members) will decide which companies receive investment. 

Token Burn

Once CGC tokens are in full circulation (All rewards are mined), a percentage of the profits (20%) will be used to buy back and burn. Token supply will be reduced by 50% over the next 6 years.  


Token Economics